“I Can Only Say.Thank You. Thank You.
The Devil Has Left My Home!”

Forgive me, cause I know it sounds bad, but my son was like a little devil. He picked fights all the time, argued about every little thing, and threw a fit if he didn’t get every thing just the way he wanted it. I found myself walking on eggshells.and ready to strangle him sometimes (not really of course-but I felt like it!)

Then I found your website, and bought your Essential Parenting program. I looked at other programs, but decided upon yours because you weren’t trying to sell me a $350 program. As a marketing VP, I know that those over-priced programs have to pay for all that TV and radio advertising.and that really bothers me. And I loved your TV interviews I found on YouTube and other places. My heart told me you were the real thing.and the results now prove it!

I would proudly tell anyone that the results are truly amazing. You wouldn’t believe it’s the same little boy.smiling.cooperative.and following the rules. It’s like there is a new child in my home.and a welcome one! After 5 weeks of steady improvement, I now know that my loving little boy is here to stay. It just keeps getting better.

Thank you again Dr Cale!

Meg M., mother of 2 from Austin


“Be Patient And Watch For The Results. It’s
Amazing How Simple The Concepts Are And
It Works! My Family
Is Living Proof.

After following Dr Randy Cale’s parenting techniques and guidelines, my home life became a happier more tranquil place. Communication has increased Between family members. The number of assumptions and accusations towards other have diminished. The children have begun to take some personal accountability in their homework, chores and each other. My home has become a wonderful place to be at the end of a hard day at work. Life is sweeter all the way round.

My advice to those reading his e-book and taking his Essential Parenting program: Take Dr Cale’s advice, be open minded and put it to use. As simple as it is to read his advice, you have to apply what you learn and use it. Let go of your old ways and watch the behavior of your children turn around. Be patient and watch for the results.

It’s amazing how simple the concepts are and it works! My family is living proof.

Heather, mother of 2
National IT Helpdesk Mgr.


“The Result Was Amazing. My Son, Who Had Been Oppositional And Argumentative Is
Now A Sweet And Loving Kid.

The Essential Parenting program changed the course of my family’s life. Dr. Cale challenged me as a parent to take time from my busy life to pay attention to parenting my son. As soon as I did that, I realized that I had been flying through life on automatic pilot, too much to do, too busy…semiconscious and really not addressing my son’s negative behavior when it occurred. Through this program, I learned to pay attention to eachinteraction. I reinforced my son’s positive behaviors and provided meaningful immediate consequences for his negative behaviors. I had to learn how to be unpopular with him for a while.

The result was amazing. My son, who had been oppositional and argumentative is now a sweet and loving kid and we have a great relationship. I can’t say enough about this approach and I tell everyone I know who is struggling with parenting about it. It really

Marcia Facio

“My Kids Now Just Do Their Work Without A Battle Or A Fuss. They Show Respect Toward

Me And My New Husband.

Why weren’t you around 10 years ago Dr Cale?

If only I had learned the Essential Parenting techniques 10 years ago, my life would have been so much easier.and my children would have had an easier childhood.

Yet, it wasn’t too late for my family. Even though my children are both in their early teenage years, your program turned things around in just a matter of weeks. From constant arguments over homework and almost daily disrespect, to now.no yelling or fighting.

My kids now just do their work without a battle or a fuss. They show respect toward me and my new husband. It’s truly a blessing to me and our family.

Your Essential Parenting program is less than what I spend on a single season of soccer clothes, and I now shudder to think how I paused to question whether it was worth it. I am almost embarrassed to admit it! Yet, it was the best investment in my family I have ever made. You can share my experiences with the world.because Essential Parenting transformed my family and our home.

Thank you again Dr Cale!

Nancy P., mother of 2


“This Essential Parenting Program Was Like

Getting The Owners Manual On “How Your

Kids Operate

This Essential Parenting Program was like getting the owners manual on “How Your Kids Operate,” which we didn’t get from the hospital when we picked them up. It should help produce a long and happy family life! Our home went from chaos and battles daily—to a smoothe and predictable routine (and few arguments.even with teenagers!).

Gary, father of three from Troy


“If Our Children Are Gifts To Us, Then

Essential Parenting Is Our Gift
Back To Them.

Essential Parenting and the lesson of weeds and seeds is a lesson, in my experience, in awakening. When we are awake as parents, we are able to receive the full power and gift of our relationship with our children.

In essence, the lessons in Dr. Cale’s Essential Parenting, if we dare to let go of ourselves long enough to learn them, fill our parenting tool box with the most sought after tools every mother and father arguably long for: The tools to create more joy in our relationships with our children.

Today, Olivia and I went to play miniature golf. It was a beautiful late spring day. The course was nearly empty, the birds were singing in the air, and the sun seemed to shine down just for us. I noticed it all today. Prior to Essential Parenting, I may have been focused on moving along at a steady pace, thinking about how much time we really had before we were due at the supermarket or the post office, secretly praying she didn’t have a melt down or tantrum if things didn’t go her way.

Today was a different day. I went to play golf to behold my child – to catch her in one blissful moment. I was fully present to her and open to the gifts she might share with me if only I would really “see” her. And it happened. As I watched her embark on this scenic little course that was just her size, with flowers abounding in full bloom, I watched her happy, smiling face approach the first hole. With her tiny club and golf ball in hand, she walked down to the green and stopped just inches in front of the hole. She set down her ball, gripped the club just like her daddy taught her, and gently stroked just hard enough to then watch the ball drop quietly and easily into the hole. She proceeded on every subsequent hole to do exactly the same.

She knew exactly how far away she needed to be in order to be successful. She knew her own abilities clearly at the mere age of 3. She knew how to feel joy, and she shared it with me that day. It was easy for her and she was delighted to be my greatest teacher and master in that moment. And I could see her and accept her for that precious gift.

My husband and I still have imperfect moments, ill-fated days, as parents – after all, we’re human before we’re a mother or father. But each day is a new opportunity to create joy in our home and in our relationship with our child. Essential Parenting is a gift for expecting parents, veteran parents, professionals, educators, aunts, uncles, grand parents, and anyone who desires to obtain the tools required to hold and behold someone they love. If our children are gifts to us, then Essential Parenting is our gift back to them.

And, for me, every golf course that I now play will be – joyfully and most blessedly –
a simple par 3.

Kate Kaufman Burns, L.C.S.W.-R.

“Two Weeks Ago, I Was Ready To Send My

Daughter Away. Now She’s A
Normal Kid Again.

Dr Cale, I found your Essential Parenting program online when I was in crisis. I couldn’t afford to go to counseling (both time and money) and your website felt like one I could really trust.

What a treat! Once I went through the program, it was like getting you as my personal counselor. I felt like you were able to reach into my home and my car (during commutes) and speak to me personally. So many examples were real life.and were just like my daily frustrations and problems. And yet, you always had a simple and very practical solution.

In reality, two weeks ago, I was ready to send my daughter away. Now.she’s a normal kid again. Nothing is more important to me right now than knowing that my child is back on track for a good and happy life. I really don’t know where we would be without Essential Parenting.

Sharon T., proud adoptive parent


The Essential Parenting Home Study Program