Questions Parents Frequently Ask
About Essential Parenting

Question: How do I know if this is the right program for me and my child?

Dr. Cale: “I know that it can be scary and nerve-wracking to try to find the right program for a challenging child. As you do your research, it’s like every website is trying to say to you, ‘Trust me.’ And in many ways, trust is a good place to begin. There are seven critical issues for you to consider when looking for a program that you can trust for you and your child. As you review your choices, please consider each of these five critical trust factors:

 1. Was the program material developed by a licensed psychologist, with specialized training in child and adolescent development?

  • The value of a program developed by a Licensed Psychologist is that you know the teacher or developer is real, and is credentialed and approved by a licensing agency. My advice is to stick to programs offered by psychological professionals, who are licensed to practice and avoid anyone offering guidance but no proof of credentials. I would also avoid parents who have developed programs (based upon limited experience), or even counselors who assert a unique understanding because they were disturbed adolescents and can now help you. This is not what you need.

 2. Does the psychologist who developed the program have experience with every type of diagnosis, family structure, and family dynamic?

  •  While it’s impossible to know if anyone has seen every possible combination of child behavior problem, diagnosis, and parent situation, but it possible for you to analyze the breadth of knowledge upon the years of clinical experience. Few professionals have literally worked with thousands of families, and children with every diagnosis found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-4).

I would personally avoid programs that do not have at least ten of years of exposure to parents, in order that problems and shortcomings are addressed and corrected. Essential Parenting Program has been refined numerous times over the past 15 years, and includes my understanding of human behavior based upon work with many, many families.

3. Does it appear that you’re paying more for a marketing budget, or more for the parenting program?

  • There are many programs that spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollars advertising and promoting their programs. These advertising budgets are paid for by you, the parents who purchase them—and that means that those overpriced $300 – $400 programs are mostly full of advertising—not valued content . It’s not necessary that you spend your money for all that advertising. Why waste your money? Essential Parenting Program is comprehensive, affordable, and designed to be accessible to you regardless of your financial situation.

4. Can the Essential Parenting program handle most types of child behavioral problems?

  • Yes. The Essential Parenting program has been real-life tested on every type of behavioral challenge, with consistent success. For you, it is critical to worry less about the diagnosis, and focus instead upon the child (and the behavior) that is confronting you right now. That is one of the secrets to getting real lasting change, and why the Essential Parenting program stands alone as the most versatile and comprehensive program of its type.
  • While some other transformation programs are disguised as comprehensive programs for a wide range of ages and challenges, most of those band-aid type programs are focused upon one or two common challenges. You can quickly determine this by reviewing the feedback of parents, and notice if there are tools for toddlers to teens.
  • Also, look for a program where you are given a parenting formula for controlling your home that does not force you into trying to control your children. That’s where the magic lies. In this way, your children “learn” to listen to Mom and Dad, and there is no forced compliance or harsh discipline needed.
  • Essential Parenting Program works with children from the age of toddlers to teens. When you learn principles of parenting, you quickly realize that your toolbox doesn’t need to be complex, but instead you just need tools you can rely upon -that work! More importantly, you will find that the Essential Parenting Program will help you with temper-tantrums, children lying, sibling battles, property destruction, lack of motivation, talking back, withdrawn behavior, poor school performance, low self-esteem, anger management, and constant arguments with parents. In addition, you’ll learn how to eliminate whining, complaining, and negativity while nurturing healthy, optimistic emotions. During these periods of change, you will find yourself happier, more comfortable with your children and more secure about your future.

5. Should I expect to get my money back if I am not satisfied?

  • It is important to avoid programs that talk about positive results, but do not stand behind their product. Other overpriced packages offer to sell you a program that will work over two to three months, but yet only offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Just use your brain, and notice that it’s like a warranty doesn’t last until you get home from the store—kind of worthless. Stay away from these programs, because you can be stuck with an expensive bookend that never helps you.
  • So DO consider those programs, like the Essential Parenting Program, that offers you a full one-year, 365-day no questions asked money back guarantee. While it would be absurd to say that the Essential Parenting program always works with every child, it almost always works because I teach you how to unlock your parenting power, and to get you back in control of your home. If the program sits on your shelf, or if you only use it halfheartedly, it will obviously not work. However, regardless of the reason, if you’re not happy, you can send back the program anytime within one year of purchase. You’ll get your money back. No questions asked. This is the sort of guarantee that says, “THIS PROGRAM WILL WORK FOR YOU!” You can trust that.without hesitation.

Question: What if I am divorced and I get no cooperation from the other side?

Dr. Cale: “Watch out for this: One of the biggest mistakes divorced parents make is that we get caught up in what the other parent is or is not doing.’s easy to do. While I understand that the choices on the other side of the table can influence your life dramatically, the Essential Parenting program gives you the power to get control of your home – – – regardless of what the other parent is doing. You can teach your child to listen in your home because this program helps you to focus on the tools that are available to you in your home.”

Question: Is this a program I can use for all three of my children, who range in age from 4 to 14?

Dr. Cale: “The tools in the Essential Parenting toolbox are useful with children of any age, beginning at approximately age three. While your words are somewhat important, the Essential Parenting Program focuses you on your actions more than your words. It certainly is true that you will communicate with your four year-old different than your fourteen year-old; however, the concepts that you will use to build healthy patterns of responsible, cooperative behavior are similar and work with all ages.”

Question: How quickly will I see real change in my home?

Dr. Cale: “The key to success for every family is to make changes in a step-by-step manner. Thus, as you begin the changes on the first day of the program, you will begin to see results. As you would expect however, children and parents vary in their responses and their consistency, but change will be consistently getting better over two to four weeks. Even with oppositionally inclined children, you can expect a complete transformation within three to six weeks.

Once you begin using the tools, you quickly master these life changing tools with the easy to use, but highly advanced teaching methods in this program. More importantly, your children learn from your consistent guidelines and the structure you put in place. Almost instantly, the permanent changes in their behavior, their levels of optimism and happiness, and their cooperation become a daily part of your life. By the third week of this program, this become expected and easeful.and in a few more weeks.the Essential Parenting program will make those positive changes permanent throughout your home

Question: What if my child is diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD), oppositional defiant behavior, Asperger’s Syndrome or other similar types of disorders?

Dr. Cale: “Not only it will it work with those diagnoses, but children with these diagnoses will thrive using the structure and the tools in the Essential Parenting Program! I know this because I have applied these principles to children with every type of diagnosis. Psychological disorders have a behavioral and an emotional component, as well as a likely biological predisposition. Regardless of the biological component that is shaping your child’s behavior, they will respond to changes in the environment which teach them healthy patterns of behavior.”

“In order to be perfectly clear however, let me state the obvious: Essential Parenting Program will work with the wide majority of children when the proven principles and the simple step-by-step approach is consistently followed. The program is designed to give you the tools that I have applied with hundreds of families successfully, and to teach you in a manner that does not overwhelm you with new requirements, and allows your child to consistently drop negative patterns and to learn better behavior.”

“The Essential Parenting Program is designed to deal with the behavioral aspects of a child’s behavior, regardless of diagnosis. It is not designed to deal with the psychological components, which may be evident with a range of psychological conditions.”

“If your child is exhibiting signs of harming themselves, has threatened to harm themselves or has threatened others, or is in any way a threat to themselves, others in your home or others in your community, it is essential to seek immediate care of a licensed psychologist or mental health professional. The Essential Parenting Program was developed to provide you with parenting tools, and is not a substitute for psychological treatment, professional consultation, or medical treatment. The Essential Parenting Program is not designed as a substitute for medication, although you may find medications designed for behavioral management to be unnecessary as you complete this program.” 

Question: I need a program that is easy implement. Is the Essential Parenting Program easy and can anyone learn it?

Dr. Cale: “Even though the Essential Parenting Program contains the most advanced techniques for changing behavior rapidly, these strategies have been designed with your busy, demanding lifestyle in mind. In fact, the methods I use to teach these principles are one of the main factors that separate the quality of this material from the hard to understand teachings in other programs using lots of extra words and lots to theory. In fact, if you want to read and listen to lots and lots of theory.this is not the program for you. Instead, the immediate changes you will discover with this program show up quickly because you will listen and learn so fast! I guaranteed you will get it.and get it with ease!

And even if you have to really work hard to change a few things. compared to dealing with another meltdown, another screaming match with your child, another afternoon of talking back and disrespect, or repeated tantrums and negativity—the Essential Parenting Program is remarkably easy.

Compared to a lifetime of dealing with an irresponsible child who does not contribute to your home, the Essential Parenting Program is a walk in the park. And finally, compared to sleepless nights, anxious discussions with pediatricians, repeated trips to psychologists and therapists, and endless negotiations and battles with your child, the Essential Parenting Program will probably be the easiest path you’ve ever walked in your life.”

Question: Why don’t other programs offer a 365-day money back guarantee?

Dr. Cale: “To be honest, I cannot be certain why many programs claiming total transformation offer such a weak guarantee with their program. However, with the Essential Parenting Program, I offer the full one-year, unconditional money back guarantee because I want you to get results more than anything else. And I want you to be satisfied with the changes in your home. If you’re not happy, I am only a phone call or an email away, and you will get your money back. That’s my promise!”

Question: Why is the Essential Parenting Program so affordable?

Dr. Cale: “This is actually one of the questions I received from a parent, and this was the email I sent back to her just last Saturday:”

 Dear Meg,

I want the Essential Essential Program to be affordable to anyone who seeks it. While you receive the same information that would cost over $1,200 if you were to consult with me in my office, I simply would not feel right charging three to four hundred dollars for the information. While there are others offering programs developed by unlicensed psychologists or unlicensed professionals for four or five hundred dollars, it is important to recognize that the price they charge is needed to justify a huge marketing budget. For me, I simply market on the Internet, and my costs are reasonably low, and I pass those savings on to you. The Essential Program is not cheap, but it’s affordable. And it’s definitely not a rip-off like others priced two times the amount of my program.

Question: If I have difficulty, can I consult with you directly Dr. Cale?

Dr. Cale: “I still offer a limited number of personal consultations and it is quite expensive, so this is an option if you need it. However, please keep in mind that I have few requests for personal consultations by parents using the Essential Parenting Program. The reason for this is simple: The program is designed as a state-of-the-art home study program that you can master without help. It is very likely that you’ll find that the program answers all of your questions, without consulting me. If you would like a personal consultation however, my personal email will be included with the program.”

Question: Who should avoid using the Essential Parenting Program?

Dr. Cale: “Do not purchase the Essential Parenting Program if you’re not ready for real change. If you’re simply in the information collecting phase, and are not highly motivated, I suggest you wait.

Also, don’t purchase this program if you are someone wanting to read more theory and you tend to sit on things. This is an action program.not a listen and sit program.

Finally, don’t purchase if you are looking for the miracle and you don’t have to do anything. Those answers aren’t out there. The Essential Parenting program unlocks your parenting toolbox, so that you have a whole new set of tools that will transform your home—guaranteed!”

“Otherwise, anyone seeking to turn things around in their home can benefit from the Essential Parenting Program. If you have a child with a severe disorder, and other programs are in place already, the Essential Parenting Program would be inappropriate. Since my program does not rely heavily on talking and words, words, words — it means that the program can work with children who have some degree of cognitive impairment. However, I would not recommend the program for children with profound mental retardation, extreme autism, severe cases of pervasive developmental disorder, or other developmental disorders where communication is severely impaired.”

Question: Why should I consider the Essential Parenting Program over the more expensive, widely advertised programs?

Dr. Cale: “I don’t know if you should choose this program or not. Because I can’t know what is best for you personally. I do know that many of the overpriced programs hyped on the TV and the radio have expensive advertising budgets and the bulk of your monies go to pay for that advertising. Personally, this would bother me greatly.”

“Secondly, I’m amazed that most of these programs are offered by “counselors” whose training and preparation appears somewhat questionable. In our country, professionals are licensed for a reason, and this is to protect the public. Would you consider seeking heart surgery from an unlicensed “doctor?” I certainly hope not. When you purchase a program from an unlicensed “counselor” it’s like choosing to get surgery on your child by someone who has no license – – – and thus, no guarantee that their training is competent – – – or even that they have any professional training.

With the Essential Parenting Program, you get over 20 years of experience by a licensed psychologist, who has served as an expert witness in stat and supreme courts and has been interviewed on local, regional, and national TV. I don’t particularly like the idea of tooting my own horn as a parenting expert, but when asked these sorts of questions, it’s important to know that you are purchasing a program from a licensed psychologist, with training and experience. You simply won’t find that in the other programs.”

“Third, I offer an unconditional one-year money back guarantee. However, the reality is that it’s a lifetime guarantee. I want you to be happy and satisfied. If ever you’re not, I want to give you your money back. I have no interest in an unhappy customer. I also don’t want you to rush things, if you order the program and find that it has to sit there because of a family crisis, or your mother-in-law moves in because she broke her hip. These are reality based events that happen. So you get to take your time, put the program into action when you’re ready, and get the results that make a difference.”


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